The MABAS Division 24 Fire Investigation team is comprised of a group of fire service professionals, from Division 24 communities, who hold special certification in the field of fire and arson investigation.  The Fire Investigation Team is an assisting agency, who may be called in to determine the origin and cause of a fire within a MABAS Division 24 community. By the analysis of fire patterns and other physical evidence left at the scene and by interviews with home or building owners, firefighters, and other witnesses the investigators draw conclusions and determine the cause of the fire. The team has an on-call advisor for a two-week period which rotates throughout the year.  If needed, the full team will be activated to respond to the fire scene.  The MABAS Division 24 Fire Investigation team can request additional resources and experts if needed, including the Will-Grundy Cook County Fire Investigation Task Force, and the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshall Arson Division.