Dive Team

Chairperson: Brian Kolash (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Team Leaders:

Dolton Fire Dept.
Dave Duvall 14022 Park Ave
Dolton IL, 60419 (708) 849-2145

Homewood Fire Dept.
Deputy Chief Steve DeJong
17950 Dixie Highway Homewood, IL 60430 (708) 206-3400

Lansing Fire Dept.
Lt. Peet Chmora and Kevin Karl
Joe Lash
19300 Burnham Ave Lansing IL, 60438 (708) 895-7400

The MABAS24 Dive Team provides rapid response to any water related incident within the MABAS Division and other communities. In order to rescue and or recover personnel, equipment or evidence as needed. The history for the dive team began as each individual Fire Dept. having their own independent team and over the past few years the teams have been working together to standardize response and operating procedures. Within MABAS Division 24 we have (3) Dedicated Dive response vehicles, (2) Boats and a multitude of equipment to include individual dive suits and gear, lift bags and other underwater lifting equipment, we can lift approx 30,000lbs if needed, also equipment for river diving and rescues. The Homewood, Lansing, and Dolton Fire Departments currently have active members participating in the regular Division Bi-Monthly trainings. Thornton Fire Dept provides a Squad as a support vehicle.